The very first and pioneer Qawwal Gharana.

This family was part of the erstwhile shrine the Khawaja Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia (RA). The legacy of Qol, Qalbana, Naqsh, Gul and Tarana, the bracketed poetry of celebrity poet of his time Hazrat Ameer Khusro (RA) transferring from generation to generation gave this family the peak title of star Qawwal family.

Ayaz Nizami

belongs to the world’s first Qawwal Gharana. Among these sacred people, Khawaja Buksh Khan Sahib, Mian Shadi Khan Sahib, Mian Murad Khan Sahib were called the unmatched in their art. Shadi Khan Sahib and Murad Khan Sahib were called the “Madadgar-e-Rag Adhia and Suradhia”. For reference see “Sarmaya-e-Ishrat” Page no.110. The author of the historical musical book “Madan-al-Mauseeqi” has accepted the invaluable services of these in the field of Classical Music. In it, Murad Khan Sahib has been the inventor of “Sargam singing”.