Traditional Qawwali Singers


Ayaz Nizami

In Mehfil-e-Sama, actually, Qawwali keeps the rank of spiritual diet for Sufis. Only, that person can be relished by its taste, who is truly intoxicated by its real destinations. By means of Qawwali, Sufis, particularly the chain of Chishtia propogated Islam. In the Sub-continent, the beginning of Sama is carried out by Hazrat Moin-ud-din Chishti (RA)

My History

The different sources used by the Sufis in the Sub-Continent, among these Mehfil-e-Sama, got the focus point and received much popularity. By this method common man come to know about the reality of Islam. The lucidity and taste of Hearing (Sama) had put deep impact on the heart and mind of human and he diverted towards right path.

About Us

For Sufis the important branch of Tasawwuf, Hearing (Sama) has a value of primary vein in their Soul and body. Among the three kinds of Hearing (Sama) some hear as per their temperament and few as per their mental-state and mood and few hear for the inclination towards right path.