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Ayaz Ahmed Nizami


For Sufis the important branch of Tasawwuf, Hearing (Sama) has a value of primary vein in their Soul and body. Among the three kinds of Hearing (Sama) some hear as per their temperament and few as per their mental-state and mood and few hear for the inclination towards right path. This type is legal for every particular and common person. In reality, Hazrat Khawaja Moin ud din Chishti (RA) had made the beginning of Hearing (Sama) in the Sub-Continent and adopted the way of Hearing (Sama) to prevail the message of love of Islam. In true sense Hearing (Sama) got the prevalence in the era of Hazrat Khawaja Nizam ud din Aulia (RA) and his follower and Caliph Hazrat Amir Khusro (RA) due to his innovative temperament, he invented the tunes (Talain), Saz, and Raags of music and he selected four boys amongst his students and taught them the secrets of music, and invented Saaz and composition “Bandishain” in such an easy way, that these boys got peak in a very short period. The custom of singing ‘Dharo’, ‘Dhawa’, ‘Matha’,’Chundo’ and ‘Parband’ was common in the Sub-Continent in those days. Hazrat Amir Khusro (RA) composed “Qol”, “Qalbana”, “Naqsh”, “Gul”, “Khayal” and “Tarana” in their place. Likewise Hazrat Amir Khusro(RA) was called the inventor of “Qawwali”.


Ayaz Ahmed Nizami belongs to the family of “Baba-e-Qawwali”. Ayaz Ahmed is that able son of Anis Nizami, Ayaz Ahmed Nizami, whose ancestors Khawaja Buksh Khan Sahib, Shadi Khan Sahib, Murad Khan Sahib were called the unmatched in the world. Murad Khan Sahib was the inventor of Sargam Singing.Safdar Khan Sahib and Bahadar Khan Sahib have the honor of being called the special Qawwals of the Shrine (Dargah) of Hazrat Khawaja Nizam ud din Aulia (RA.). In 1911, the British government gave the medal to Dildar Khan Sahib on his expertise. Baba-e-Qawwali, Farooq Ahmed Khan Nizami has the honor that in 1924 that he held the program of Qawwali for the first time in any private sector instead of Khanqah. Likewise, the Sufiana Qawwali, which was primarily restricted to only Khanqas, “Baba-e-Qawwali” introduced the Khanqahi Qawwali in the public sector. In 1939, the Prime Minister of Daccan, Mahraja Kishan Parshad Jee bestowed him with the special certificate. In 1958, along with the Gold Noratan he received the title of “Ishq Ragi”. In 1976, Farooq Ahmed Khan Nizami along with the Gold Medal and Certificate received the title of “Baba-e-Qawwali”. Raees Khaleeq Farooq Ahmed Nizami is the senior most Qawwal of Pakistan.

“University of Qawwali”, Raees Ahmed Khan Nizami has imposed such historical marks in Qawwali which cannot be overlooked in any way. In 1959, Raees Ahmed Khan Nizami along with Gold Medal got the title of “Dast-e- Rang Nawaz”. In 1975, he recorded Qawwali in the special composition “Bandishain” of Amir Khusro and Classical Tals at Radio Pakistan Karachi. He was called the inventor of Qawwali in the classical Tals. In 1984, he received the title of “Nawab Qawwal”. In 1992, on the innumerable services of Raees Ahmed Nizami, he was given the title of “University of Qawwali”. Following the footprints of Raees Ahmed Khan Nizami, his sons Anis Arif Nizami is also busy in prevailing the art of Qawwali. Anis Arif Nizami had also arranged some charity programs in the year 1973 for the Flood sufferers and all its effective people for their moral help. In the year 1977, Pakistan Air Force Officers honored him with ” .)


He was awarded with “Khusrawi Funkaar title with certificate” in 1981. “Mehboob-e-Elahi award” was honored to him in 2007. Anis Arif Nizami has performed many times abroad and successfully endorsed the name of Pakistan as a Twinkling star in the history of Fun and Art.

Ayaz Ahmed started the Art of Qaqwwali into very early age when he was only Five years old and it was in the year 1994 when he presented his Fun in Tal in front of related Experts and Masters and was highly appreciated on his excellent performance by them all saying that He keeps the secrets of uncounted hidden abilities of fun. Ayaz Ahmed is under training of his father ANIS NIZAMI and First uncle ASIF NIZAMI for Qawwali and Classical education. In 1997, he performed at Pak Pattan on the occasion of the URS of Hazrat Baba Fareed (R.A) with Qawwali and won the hearts of all attendants of the program. He has impressed the majority by his fun even in European countries in the past and also in different cities of Pakistan. He is an expert performer Artist of ” Special Composition ( Bandishain ) of AMEER KHUSRO , QOL , QALBANA , NAQSH , GUL and TARANA. He in 1998 on T.V. Channel,got the National Anthem recorded in his voice successfully. He has been performing on different occasions on Media channels , Radio Pakistan, Karachi since 2006 and also related with Television since then. He visited Europe in 2006 and won the Hearts of Qawwali’s spectators by his extra ordinary performance in the Art of Qawwali. 

In recognition of his services in Art of Qawwali, he was awarded with “AMEER KHUSRO AWARD” in the year 2007. He was awarded with the title of “Gul- e – Khusro with certificate” in 2008. In the year 2011, in recognition of his services, Mohtarma Fatima Surryiya Bajia honored him with a special award. Ayaz Ahmed knows Arabic, Persian,Poorbi, Hindi, Urdu and Punjabi Languages very well. A number of his C.D’s have been released in the market that are very popular among all lovers of listeners of the Qawwali. Ayaz Ahmed can also sing Tarana, Sargam, Thumri, Ghazal and Geet etc etc other than Qawwalis very well in addition. He aims to promote Qawwali and Classical music upto maximum level in the future and also in order to put the name of Pakistan, twinkling like a star in the estimation of the World in the history of Fun and Art.